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Frank Lampard annuncia il ritiro dal calcio giocato

| giovedì 02 Febbraio 2017 - 12:56

Frank Lampard ha deciso di appendere le scarpette al chiodo: il centrocampista ha annunciato il ritiro dal calcio giocato a 38 anni. Cresciuto nelle giovanili del West Ham, Lampard inizia la carriera da calciatore professionista nel 1995 con la maglia dello Swansea.  Dopo una stagione in prestito ai gallesi (9 presenze e 1 rete), torna al West Ham con il quale giocherà sei sagioni.

Storica bandiera del Chelsea: ha giocato a Londra per 13 stagioni di fila collezionando 648 presenze (164 delle quali consecutive tra il 2001 ed il 2005) segnando 211 delle oltre 300 reti in carriera (cifre straordinarie per un centrocampista). Nel 2014 lascia i Blues e si trasferisce in America, ai New York City che lo girano in prestito al Manchester City in attesa dell’inizio della Major League Soccer. Con i Citizens realizza 8 reti in 38 gare disputate.

Nell’ultimo anno e mezzo l’esperienza con il New York City, un bilancio positivo tutto sommato: 31 partite giocate e 15 reti realizzate. Nel novembre 2016 ha annunciato che alla scadenza del contratto avrebbe lasciato il club. Per 15 anni ha indossato la maglia della Nazionale inglese, raccogliendo 126 presenze e 29 reti.

After 21 incredible years, I have decided that now is the right time to finish my career as a professional footballer. Whilst I have received a number of exciting offers to continue playing at home and abroad, at 38 I feel now is the time to begin the next chapter in my life. I’m immensely proud of the trophies I’ve won, of representing my country over 100 times and of scoring more than 300 career goals. I have many people to thank. I thank my parents for instilling in me the values of hard work, dedication and professionalism, values which I have carried with me in everything that I do. I am forever grateful for the support of my family, my wife Christine and my two daughters Luna and Isla. What you have given me off the pitch has always been my strength on it. I love you all very much. Also, my friends and my own team that have always been there for me. I would like to thank the amazing team-mates, coaches, managers and backroom staff that I was privileged to work with. I’d also like to pay tribute to the clubs that I have represented. Firstly, West Ham United who gave me my debut in 1996. Thanks to the people there that believed in me at that young age. More recently Manchester City and NYCFC. I greatly enjoyed my last playing years at these two clubs and really appreciate the support I received from City Football Group and both clubs’ fans. Of course, the largest part of my heart belongs to Chelsea, a club which has given me so many great memories. I will never forget the opportunity they gave me and the success that we managed to achieve together. It is impossible to give thanks individually to all the people that helped and supported me in my 13 years playing there. All I can say is from the day I signed until now and going forward, I’m eternally grateful for everything and to everyone. Chelsea fans gave myself and my teammates such incredible support. Their passion and hunger drove me on personally to give my best year after year. I couldn’t have done it without them. Looking forward, I’m grateful to the FA for the opportunity to study for my coaching qualifications and I look forward to pursuing the off-field opportunities that this decision opens.

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